Chogani Laddu - 500gm

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Laddus can hands down win the title of the most famous Indian traditional sweet.If you are given 10 seconds to name an Indian mithai,there is a high chance that your answer would be laddu. It is said that laddus were historically used as medicines with ingredients like methi, makhana,sonth etc.The authentic, sweet round ball of goodness is still used as a cure to the craving of sweets. Chogani Laddu is the 'Desi'est mithai that can ever exist.  This world famous mithai gives the simplest form of joy with its heavenly taste. When it comes to 'Muh Mitha karvana', this laddu stands to be the hero saving the day. Try the authentic, original taste of this laddu from Jaipur and experience the rich heritage of India with every bite.

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