Kesar Thandai

Size: 175ml
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Beat the summer heat with Kesar Thandai! This cool, Indian-style beverage packs a punch with its flavorful mix of saffron, almonds, fennel seeds, rose petals, pepper, and khus-khus seeds. Get ready for an energy boost, a nutty-yet-sweet taste, plus the added bonus of traditional health benefits – all in one cool, delicious drink!

  • Shelf Life - 6 months
  • Use with Milk


Sugar (68%), Water, Rose Water (3%), Watermelon Seeds (2%), Almond (1.25%), Black Pepper (1%), Poppy Seeds (1%), Fennel (0.7%) Cardamom (0.2% - For Flavour), Saffron (0.02% - For Flavour) Citric Acid, PreservativeINS211 & Stabilizer INS412, INS415 

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